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Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet

A beautiful 18.5 cm elasticated bracelet with 7 chakra crystals and 15 black beads  (each approx 0.7cm in diameter) made from natural lava rock (basalt) which helps ground you. Root…

Ethiopian Cross

Beautiful gold-plated Ethiopian Christian cross necklace featuring latticework that represents everlasting life. These crosses are used throughout Ethiopia and Eritrea in the same way that the western Cross is.

Final Fantasy Blue Crystal

Blue Crystal pendant from the Final Fantasy series of games. 11.5g / 17mm x 45mm pendant with a 500mm steel chain. Crystals (クリスタル, Kurisutaru), also called orbs and spheres, are…

Gothic Pentagram Pendant

Vintage / Gothic style Wiccan pentagram pendant with red or black rhinestone / crystal features inset. This ancient pentagram / pentacle symbol represents the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water,…

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Triple Moon Pendant

An eye-catching silver-plated pendant on a 40cm steel chain (+5cm for adjustment) depicting the three moon phases - the triple moon (waxing, full, and waning), with a pentagram / pentacle…

Yggdrasil Tree of Life Necklace

Yggrdrasil is depicted as an ash tree, the Tree of Life, in the Norse / Viking tradition and is the centre of the universe. This pendant shows the great ash…