3-card Tarot Reading


Had a strange and lucid dream? Recalling as many details as you can, describe your dream to me and I will analyse and reply with potential meanings – including symbology, psychological, and spiritual meaning. Find out more below!

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Gain quick insight to a question or issue in your life with this three card tarot reading – past, present, and future.

During checkout, please use the ‘additional information’ box to send me your question/topic – otherwise I will contact you by email :).

Tarot questions

Dani / Tudorix had spiritual experiences from a young age, his earliest memories being visions and lucid dreams of apparitions and unworldly entities, and practising a primitive form of ritual magick as a young boy. Finally he discovered spiritualism then subsequently occultism through Witchcraft at around the age of 11 or 12.

Through a blessing in disguise (complex trauma-triggered DiD), Dani was able to study a number of religious systems both academically and practically through a number of ‘identities’. These have dominated his life for the last decade, ever shifting, but have provided a comprehensive understanding and unique knowledge to apply in his magickal work.

  • Practising pagan & occultist since c. 1995; British Witchcraft / Wicca, Spiritualism, and Hermeticism.
  • BSc in Natural Sciences
  • DipHE Law
  • 2 years in Theravada Buddhism
  • 4 years in Orthodox Christian monasticism
  • 6 years in Hasidic Judaism (Breslov-Lubavitch crossover)
  • 4 years in Islam (split between Shi’a and Sunni, including Salafism & Sufism)
  • 12 months in Hinduism (Trika Shaivism; received Diksha from Guru Moti Lal ji in early 2020)

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